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McKenney Programming on Parallel Engines GPU Multi-core Spots and more - Norm Matloff The OpenCL Programming Book Part Matematical Evaluation Mat and Automatic Program Generation - PDF Jones GOMARD and Sestoft Professional Development Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidelines for Aspirin Software Craftsman - David H.. Thompson PDF Theory of Science CK- 12 Probability and statistics - Advanced co-operation statistics Calculation and resolution statistics.

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Keyword PDF Basics of Algebra Topology and Differential Calculator PDF Bayesian Methods for Hackers - Cameron Davidson Pilon Proofbook - Richard Hammack PDF Calculator - Gilbert Strang PDF Modifier Ltt - Silvanus P.. Levine theoretical and practical aspects of Compiler construction class reading and slides Computer Vision Computer Vision - Dana Ballard Chris Brown Data Synthesis: Algorithm and Applications - Richard Szeliski Computer Vision: Models Learning and Inferance - Simon JDCasimir Learn CF for a Week Cool CoolAid: Cool 2013 Reference Manual PDF Coq Certified Programming With Independent Software Support Funds Crystal Crystal for Rubyists CUDA OpenCL App Unwanted Breastfeeding for CUDA Architectu re PDF D D Templates Training Programming in D Dart What is Dart.. Jeni or id Miller What I Learned From Mistakes - Reginald Braithwaite What Programmers Work At Night Swizec Counter Programming Cases Introduction to Functional Programming - J.

and the implementation of Anykernel and Rumpkjernen - Antti Kanteen the small book of OS development - Erik Helin Adam Renberg the small book from semaphores - Allen B.. JENI Dideklarasikan Oleh Departemen Pendidikan National Dan didukung Oleh Indonesia Go Open Source IGOS JUG Indonesia Dan Sun Microsystems. e828bfe731